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At Guaranty Title New Mexico we have the experience, resources, and good old-fashion work ethic needed to handle any closing, big or small, with the same laser focus and rigor.  We take care of everything before closing day so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The Title Company on Your Team

Relaying information and documents, scheduling, deeds, titles, contracts, escrow money, metes and bounds, underwriters Its all enough to make your head spin!  Well don’t worry about a thing because the professionals at Guaranty will take care of any issue that arises before closing day.

Guaranty Title New Mexico is committed to giving New Mexicans the very best Title & Closing Services while providing a positive, memorable experience.  We know that buying a home, a plot of land, or making any other real estate investment is a big decision and that is why we work so hard to make sure your closing goes perfectly.

1. Commitment

Once you decide to close with Guaranty, we provide a Real Estate Contract to sign.


Closing Date is set and we begin working with the lender and reviewing documents for accuracy.



All thats left for you to do is show up on closing day to sign paperwork.  Enjoy this moment. La Bella Vida.

Very friendly staff.  My mortgage company had Guaranty Title Company close my loan. They made sure that I understood everything that I was signing and emailed me a copy of my loan agreement. They were very kind and pretty fast. I would definitely recommend using Guaranty Title Company!

Samantha K.

Very friendly staff.  My mortgage company had Guaranty Title Company close my loan. They made sure that I understood everything that I was signing and emailed me a copy of my loan agreement. They were very kind and pretty fast. I would definitely recommend using Guaranty Title Company!

Christopher C.

I cannot say enough good things about the way all the details were handled in both a professional and courteous manner. Everything was very well explained and the personnel was very helpful and polite. Employees were extremely helpful and just great people. Definitely a great experience.

Veronica O.

What we do best

We pride ourself in providing the best possible service. Rest easy knowing that Guaranty has the experience and resources to tackle any file or closing.

Title Insurance


For most people, their home is their biggest investment. Fraud, forgery, and unrecorded instruments occur all too often. Owner’s Title Insurance is the only way to truly protect your investment.


If you are sued over a frivolous matter related to your title, your owner's policy will cover any attorney or court costs that you may incur.


Your lender requires you to purchase Lenders Title Insurance. This DOES NOT cover the Buyer.


Owner’s Title Insurance covers the past, present, and future of your investment.

Closing Services

Our experienced and dedicated closers believe that your closing day should be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. That is why our team takes care of any and all issues that may arise long before your closing day, while keeping you informed along the way.


The dedication to quality service by the innovative and decisive leadership of Guaranty Title New Mexico provides a strong foundation for the company. Guaranty is poised and ready to provide you the very best service, ensuring your closing is the stress-free day that it should be . It does not matter if it is a small ranch, a fixer-up, or your dream home, Guaranty is ready, willing, and able to serve.


The commercial title market is unique with special terms to be met. Guaranty’s Commercial Team of Escrow Officers and Attorneys have years of experience and expertise necessary to handle the most complex commercial transactions.

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What is title insurance?

Title insurance is an insurance policy that protects against loss if the condition of title to the land be different than what was insured.

Why do I need title insurance?
When you buy a home, or any property for that matter, you expect to enjoy certain benefits from ownership. For example, you expect to be able to occupy and use the property as you wish, to be free from debts or obligations not created or agreed to by you, and to be able to freely sell or pledge your property as security for a loan. Title insurance is designed to cover these rights you bargain for.
When does the seller get paid?
After all closing documents have been properly executed and returned by both parties in recordable form, and the Buyer’s purchase funds have been cleared and confirmed as good, the net purchase price will be disbursed to the Seller.
When does an owner's title policy expire?
An owner’s title insurance policy stays active as long as you (or your heirs) own the said property.
What are my chances of ever using my title policy?
In essence, by acquiring your policy, you derive the important knowledge that recorded matters have been searched and examined so that title insurance covering your property can be issued.

Because title insurance companies are risk eliminators, the probability of exercising your right to make a claim is very low. However, claims against your property may not be valid, making the continuous protection of the policy all the more important.

When a title company provides a legal defense against claims covered by your title insurance policy the savings to you for that legal defense alone will greatly exceed the one-time premium.

What is the best day and time to close?
This is really a personal preference. Many people like to schedule their closing at the end of a month. However, the best time to close is really within the first week of any month. Many lenders are willing to work with a new purchaser and give them and interest credit and reduce their cost at closing. It is also best to close earlier rather than later in the day. This assures you that your mortgage company or bank will be open and will be able to solve any problems that may come up in closing and assures you that the bank’s money will be wired in time.

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